Learn the Basics of Tarot Reading

This self paced course is loaded with just enough information to teach the beginner how to get started with tarot reading.

  • Listen to close to 12 hours of recorded live instruction.

  • Learn to read and interpret all 78 cards in both the upright and reversed positions.

  • Learn and utilize a variety of spreads to help your clients.

  • Discover the keyword method of reading.

  • Your instructor, of 20+ years, is always only an email away!

Course curriculum


  • John Culbertson

    John Culbertson

    Rev. John Culbertson has over 20 years of experience in the New Age, New Thought, Metaphysical, Paranormal, Mystical, Occult, and Supernatural realms. His background was originally in the psychology of human behavior and has done life coaching, spiritual counseling, and motivational speaking in addition to psychic, tarot, numerology, and astrology readings.


What Are Past Students Saying?

by Rick Jenkins

An Incredible Influence

by Rick Jenkins

“John has been an incredible influence in my life since the day that I met him. He has taught me in tarot card reading and also with psychic development. He also provided me with guidance on life situations when I had nowhere else to turn. The insight that John has brought to me and my life has been nothing short of profound. Thank you, John, for everything that you have done for me and all of the other people that have had the pleasure of knowing you or experiencing your gift!”